Study and work in Australia

Study and work in Australia

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For many overseas students, working while studying in Australia is a concern.

Australia is among the nations with the best regulations for part-time employment.

Students who have a valid study visa are permitted to work and earn in Australia for up to 40 hours per fortnight while they are in university.

But that does not tell the whole tale.

A subject that calls for research and advice, is finding the best career possible. It is important to choose a job that has a good income and is strategically useful for you.

Today, Univly wants to introduce you to one of the best international courses in this area and to the working environment in Australia while you are a student.

Consequently, it must be acknowledged that you are quite lucky to enter this page and hit two targets with a single arrow:

🟣 Learning about the employment circumstances for students in Australia and related information

🟣 Getting to know the global career searching course ‘Pathfinder

So at Univly, our mission is to guide you through Pathfinder to select the best choice according to your abilities and interests.

Top reasons why Australia is good for study and work

Australia is one of the developed countries, that is open to immigration and every year many immigrants come to work, study or live in this country. Australia has a strong and dynamic industry and economy that provides a good capacity for various jobs. There is a good job market in Australia in many career fields.

 Also, in Australia, all students can do part-time work for 40 hours every two weeks. There are no restrictions on their work during public holidays. The important point about this is that the salary rate of part-time jobs in Australia is higher than in many other countries and sometimes even students can earn very well while studying.

Australian universities are among the best universities in the world, and if a person gets work experience in Australia at the same time as he receives his creditable degree, it will be easy for him to find a job that matches his education in Australia or any other country after graduation.

Why work while studying?

You may also have this question, why should we work while studying? We all know that the main reason to study in a certain field is to get enough qualifications and skills to get the job we want. But it should be noted that reaching your goal and dream does not happen overnight, and you must work step by step to achieve your goal.

In the career field, to reach your dream job, you should start with part-time jobs that are in your field of expertise and gradually get the best job you can.

Also, perhaps the first and main motivation and reason for working along with studying is to earn money. Some students have difficulty financing their studies, and by working at the same time as their studies, they can cover part of their expenses.

Another advantage of working while studying is gaining work experience in the real world. If the job you chose in this course is based on your final and main goal and is chosen in line with it, the experience you gain can be very valuable.

Moreover, by starting to work along with studying, your communication network will gradually expand. In fact, you can start networking and naturally meet new people every day. One of the most important factors that can play a major role in finding your main and future job is having a good network of people who are working in this field.

Study and work in Australia for international students

International students who are studying in Australia have the same right to work while studying as native Australian students, and the labor laws apply to them as well. In general, most international students try to find part-time work as soon as they start their studies for the reasons mentioned in the previous section.

The income that international students can earn through these jobs is higher than other international students in some other countries such as the United States and Canada. The wage rate in Australia for part-time jobs is among the highest rates in the world. There are also good work laws and support in this field for international students in Australia.

Study and work conditions for international students

According to the student visa issued to international students, certain conditions must be met. Anyone with a valid student visa can work up to 40 hours per fortnight. Students are also allowed to work full-time during official holidays.

The conditions are specified in the visa that you receive. Normally, family members of students, such as spouses who come to Australia with them, are also allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight.

According to the visa you receive, you must complete your studies within a certain period of time. If this condition does not happen for various reasons, the student must apply for an extension of the student visa. Of course, the reasons given by the student for visa extension must be approved by the Australian Immigration Department. Extending a student visa means that the student must apply for a new student visa.

Work rules for International Students

The rules for student work for international students in Australia are specified on the fairwork website. According to these rules, all students who work while studying are covered by Australian labor laws. Below you can see a list of minimum entitlements which are known as the National Employment Standards (NES) for international students.

🔹 Students can work for maximum specified weekly hours

🔹 The received wage has to be according to the minimum wages

🔹 The employer has to pay at least once a month

🔹 Students have to receive a pay slip within one day of being paid

🔹 Students can request flexible working arrangements

🔹 There are different leaves for students working part-time like Parental leave and related entitlements, annual leave, Personal/carer’s leave, compassionate leave, family and domestic violence leave and etc.

🔹 Students have to receive notice of termination and redundancy pay

🔹There is a right for casual employees to become permanent employees in some circumstances.

International students can work full-time in Australia!!!🤔

Whether students can work full-time depends on their course of study and visa requirements. Ph.D. students and MSc research students may be able to work full-time based on their visa conditions.

Of course, due to the Corona pandemic and the problems that arose in the Australian labor market, all students and their companions can work without restrictions until the end of July 2023.

On the other hand, all students can work full-time during their holidays and there is no limit in this field. Companions of students such as spouses can also work in Australia based on the visa that the student has received. If the student has the right to work full time, his companion also has the same right.

What if international students work more than 20 hours in Australia

Before answering this question, it should be noted that students in Australia do not have the right to work for 20 hours a week. This is a common mistake that confuses some people.

In fact, under Australian law, students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight, fortnight means 14 days starting from Monday. This means that, for example, a student can work only 10 hours in the first week and then work 30 hours in the following week. In general, the sum of the last two weeks should not exceed 40 hours.

Now, if the student works more than the designated time, he is first warned that he must work according to the rules. If this continues, the conditions of the student’s visa will not be met, and for this reason, his visa will be canceled and he may be deported.

Finding part-time work while studying

Finding part-time work in Australia can be one of the initial challenges after arriving in Australia to study. Students can find part-time work in various ways. Employment websites are one of the ways to find a job in Australia like seek, Adzuna, and Australia.

Also, one of the methods of finding part-time work is to find the job you want by using the relationships and network of people you have. You can also go to different companies or shops or restaurants and ask them in person about the jobs available there. Here you can find complete information about finding part-time work in Australia.

How strategically study and work in Australia to save up 5 years?

The part-time job you choose while studying has to be strategically chosen.

You must be asking yourself how?

In fact, the chosen job should be in line with your goals and abilities.

In general, if we want to briefly explain the process of choosing the right and strategic part-time job, we can summarize it in several steps.

1️⃣ Find what occupations you like

 In order to know what occupation you like, before every action you should have self-awareness Until you don’t know your skills, values, interests, and strength you can’t find a suitable job.

2️⃣ Compare

Compare your values, your strengths, and everything you have learned about yourself to the profession you have chosen.

3️⃣ Do research

Go to the industry and research to see where your chosen occupation falls.

Find the level in the industry and try to see which one suits your target to start with.

4️⃣ License

See if there is any license needed or not. We recommend avoiding the ones that need a license.

5️⃣ Networking

One of the important steps in this field is networking. This means reaching out to people who are working in the field. You may find them on different social networks or talk to them in person.

Someone who works in this industry or in this job can give you information that no other site or employer can give you.

6️⃣ Start your job

If you continue the strategy that univly and pathfinder course teaches you, you will find your dream job and reach your big picture.

Of course, your decision may change completely at this stage and you may want to change the chosen job. There is nothing wrong with this, you just need to repeat all the previous steps on the new selection.

The cost of studying and working in Australia

A bachelor’s degree is one of the most popular degrees in Australia. Tuition fees at this stage can be different depending on the university and the chosen field of the applicant. The cost of undergraduate studies in Australia ranges from $25,000 to $35,000 Australian dollars per year.

Students with strong academic records (high GPA and high language score) may be eligible for tuition assistance. These grants generally cover 10 to 20 percent of tuition fees.

The cost of a master’s study in Australia for international students ranges from $22,000 to $50,000 per year, and tuition for a Ph.D. in Australia is AUD$15,000 to 35,000 per year. Of course, don’t forget that when evaluating the cost of graduate education, you should also consider the cost of living, which is about 15,000 to $20,000 per year.

Student’s average salary in Australia

How much a student can earn from his part-time job also depends on the type of job and the number of hours he works. Generally speaking, the minimum wage for a part-time job in Australia is currently (January 2022) AUD$ 21.38 per hour.

As mentioned, students can work 40 hours every two weeks. If a student works all these 40 hours and earns the minimum wage, he can earn around 855 AUD every two weeks and 1710 AUD each month. Of course, students can also work full-time during the holidays and earn more money.

In this way, the student can cover his living expenses in Australia to a large extent. Keep in mind that this amount is calculated with the minimum wage and there are students working in Australia who earn even up to $40 per hour and this is considered a good income.

If the job you choose is more specialized and also strategically chosen in your field of study, you can earn more from it. Students in Australia can also start their own businesses which you can find more information here.   Moreover, some students can work full-time and have no limitations on wages and working hours.

Working in Australia after you graduate

The temporary Australian graduate visa (subclass 485) allows students to temporarily reside and work in the region of their choice after completing their studies at the universities of this country.

The types of 485 visas are divided into two basic streams, and the length of stay of the applicants depends on the conditions of the stream they are applying for:

1️⃣ Graduate Work Stream

International students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution and can demonstrate their qualifications and skills in one of the occupations on the Australian Required Occupations List (MLTSSL) are able to apply for a subclass 485 Workflow visa for up to 18 stay and work in this country for a month since the issuance of this visa.

2️⃣ Post-Study Work Stream

This stream is dedicated to international graduates of Australian universities and allows them to live and work or study in this country with their family members for 2 to 4 years. In order to obtain a 485 visa through this immigration stream, applicants will be required to present their recent education certificate from an educational center registered in CRISOS. In general, the permitted residence period of graduates according to their educational level is as follows:

🔸 Bachelor’s and Master’s (with thesis): 2 years;

🔸 Research-oriented master’s degree: 3 years;

🔸 Ph.D: 4 years.

Most organizations or companies that want to hire people, offer some job positions only to people who have just graduated from university. Students can use these job positions to find work.

If the student has chosen his part-time job in line with his main goal and his field of work and education, then after graduation, they can continue working with the same company where they worked part-time during their studies.

Work and study in Australia for free

Studying in Australia is not free, but postgraduate students such as Ph.D. students may be able to receive a full scholarship, making their studying free. In this case, if the student has the right to work according to the conditions of the visa, they can earn money without spending money on education.

Also note that not all study courses in Australia are expensive, and students can participate in cheaper courses and thus reduce their costs. For example, Certificates IV  or diplomas are among the good and cheap courses which some students choose. There are several diverse Certificate IV  and diplomas in different fields.

Univly remarks

You can work part-time while you study in Australia, as we discussed throughout the essay.

You can change your life and future by enrolling in a university in Australia.

You hold the key to the future. Your choices will affect the future. If you want to be a life changer, join Pathfinder.

 One click will change your life.✅


How many hours can international students work in Australia?

They can work up to 40 hours per fortnight.

How much is the minimum wages for part-time jobs in Australia?

AUD$ 21.38

Can students work in holidays in Australia?

Yes, they can work full-time during holidays

Can students start their own business in Australia?

Yes, it is possible to start a business for students

Which students can work full-time in Australia?

PhD and master by research students may work full-time according their visa conditions

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