Part-time jobs in Melbourne

Part-time jobs in Melbourne

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Studying in a foreign country along with living expenses can be a heavy burden for international students. For this reason, in most countries, international students have the right to work. In Australia, international students can work up to 40 hours for two weeks.

The city of Melbourne has prestigious universities that attract many international students. In this article, we want to know more about part-time jobs in Melbourne and introduce 10 suitable part-time jobs in this city. So, stay with us until the end of the article.

Part-time jobs in Melbourne for international students, rules to know!

Like everything else in Australia, student and part-time work for international students has its own rules and requirements that must be met. International students can work up to 40 hours in two weeks. So, the work they do is considered part-time work. Part-time work cannot exceed 38 hours per week.

To work as a student in Australia, you must have a student valid visa and your academic semester has started. Even if you arrive in Australia before the start of the semester, you cannot start your part-time job.

Since students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight, their working hours can vary. For example, he can work 15 hours the first week and 25 hours the second week. Note that if you work more than the specified limit, your visa will be revoked.

If you have to do a mandatory internship during your course of study or a casework is a part of your course of study, these works are not subject to the working hours limit. Moreover, there is no limit on working hours on official vacation periods. Postgraduate students also have no restrictions on working hours in Australia.

All international students working part-time in Australia are subject to part-time work rules and benefits such as annual or sick leave, insurance premiums, etc. Another important point is that all students who intend to work in Australia must obtain a tax file number (TFN). They can easily apply for TFN online for free.

Average part-time job salaries in Melbourne

Part-time jobs have fewer working hours than full-time jobs, so the income is less. Note that the minimum wage for part-time work is not different from full-time work. The minimum wage in Australia is about $21 per hour.

The average income of a part-time job in Melbourne depends on the type of work and the expertise required. If the job you choose requires special skills, you can earn better. For example, if you work as a tutor in a difficult subject, you can earn up to 40 dollars per hour. However, the average salary for a part-time unskilled job in Melbourne is about $23 per hour.

Is it hard to find a part-time job in Melbourne?

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and has a population of more than 5 million people. So finding a part-time job in this city can’t be difficult. Every year there are many festivals held throughout the city, each of which can provide many part-time jobs.

Also, apart from seasonal jobs, there are many part-time jobs in the city that do not require special abilities and skills. Of course, don’t forget that the demand for immigration to this city is increasing and you should try to improve your communication skills to find work more easily. In the next section, you can find some important tips for finding a part-time job in Melbourne.

Dos and don’ts of finding a job in Melbourne for international students

Finding a job in Melbourne involves certain dos and don’ts. To get the ideal part-time job quickly and effortlessly, it’s crucial to pay attention to these factors.

Things to do:

🔹 Apply as much as you can

It is very important not to get tired of applying. Do not give up to reach the goal.

 Usually, applying for jobs is done online. If you are looking for official jobs, you can refer to famous job websites like or  In these sites, you can find lists of jobs in Melbourne or any other city. The specifications of each job and its salary and required abilities are also mentioned.

If you are looking for casual jobs, you can visit the Gumtree website. This site also has an application, and you can find more ordinary jobs without special abilities. In any case, don’t forget to write your own CV and cover letter according to your abilities so that they choose you better.

🔹 Networking

Networking means trying to meet different people and talk to them about your abilities. In this way, if someone needs you one day, they will call you or your friends can introduce you to other people. So, you should widen the circle of people around you.

Of course, don’t expect to find the job you want quickly with this method. But over time, this network of your people and friends can lead you to the job of your choice.

🔹 Add yourself to Facebook groups

There are many groups on Facebook about different topics. For international students and for finding a job in Australia or Melbourne, there are also different groups with different titles. Join these groups and learn about the jobs that are available.

You can also find out what skills these jobs require and whether you can do them or not. You can see in these groups that some wages are less than the minimum and sometimes you have to calculate if the job is worth it or not.

🔹 Always have your CV with you

Carry your CV or resume with you always and everywhere. If you are in college or on your way home or traveling, it must be with you. For example, if you are coming back from university, you can go to shops on your way and ask them if they need someone for work or not. Or if someone tells you in a place that they need someone for work, you can present your CV to them right away.

Things you should not do:

🔸 Don’t pay attention to negativity

The first thing you should not do is to not pay attention to negative people. Your friends or classmates may tell you that it is very hard to find a job in Melbourne. Or that they haven’t been able to find a job for months. Or that the wages of part-time jobs are low.

All these statements are wrong and if you do the 4 things mentioned, you can be sure that you can find a good job. So, stay away from negative people and negative thoughts and don’t let them discourage you.

🔸 Do not rely on the word of a person

You may apply for a job and the employer tells you that they will contact you. You should know that you should not trust this word and stop looking for a job. Continue to apply. Of course, you can hope that he will contact you, but also do your search for a job.

🔸 Don’t stay in a job you don’t like.

It is very common that people find a good job with a good salary and start working. But there is a problem that they don’t like this job and they continue only because of the good salary they get.

We do not recommend that you leave such a job, but it is better to apply for jobs that you are interested in and according to your abilities and do the four things that we have mentioned. Maybe you can find a suitable job based on your interest. Therefore,  don’t stay in a job you don’t like.

🔸 Do not be shy.

One of the most important things to find a job is not to be shy about applying. Don’t be embarrassed to tell a person or people that you need a job and be comfortable. You are not looking to get money from them, you are looking for a job. There are thousands of people like you and there is no shame in looking for a job.

Part-time jobs advantages for international students

It is true that the main advantage of part-time jobs is to earn money while studying, but there are other advantages to this type of job. When you have a part-time job during your studies, you will have time to study. These types of jobs are less stressful and on the other hand, they are more flexible.

By working part-time you have to study and work Simultaneously. As a result, you will gradually learn time management skills that are really helpful for your future. It is interesting to know that part-time workers in Australia have the same annual or sick leave as full-time workers. You can also receive superannuation benefits and your employer is required to provide you with personal insurance.

One of the main advantages of these jobs is that you will usually deal with many people and your social relations will improve. Maybe you can even learn other languages. If your job is on the university campus or near the university, the cost of transportation will not be high for you.

10 best part-time jobs in Melbourne for international students

1️⃣ Tutor

If you are looking for a job that is related to your interest or field, and on the other hand, if you are not interested in office work and cannot imagine yourself as an employee behind a desk or cash register, becoming a private tutor can be a good option for you.

If you have expertise in a particular field or you are good at a particular subject, you can advertise yourself and in this way look for students who have problems in this subject and do not get good grades. The average salary for this job in Melbourne is about $34 per hour.

2️⃣ Administrative assistant

If you want to earn a good income with an administrative job, working as an administrative assistant is suitable for you. The average salary of these people is higher than the average and is about $25 per hour. An administrative assistant can have different responsibilities.

Some of the duties that an administrative assistant may perform include answering phone calls and emails, managing and scheduling appointments, and advising and helping clients. This job can be busy due to the wide range of tasks, but on the other hand, it teaches you good skills that you will need in the future.

3️⃣ Customer service representative

If you are not interested in face-to-face communication with customers and prefer to guide them remotely and over the phone, you can choose the job of a customer service representative. In this job, the person usually works in a call center or remotely. The salary for this job is about $19 an hour.

The task of these people is to answer customers’ complaints or questions by phone, email, or chat. This job is suitable for people who have no problem sitting in a chair for several hours at a time. Of course, this may be a boring job for many students.

4️⃣ Waiter

Melbourne is a big city and has many cafes and restaurants. So, finding a job as a waiter in a restaurant can’t be difficult for you. This job is suitable for people who enjoy a busy environment and have good social relationships.

The waiters receive the customer’s order and then bring him his food. If the customer needs something, they provide it and try to give him a good experience in this restaurant. Of course, for this job, you may need to stand for a long time and it is very tiring. The salary for this job in Melbourne is about $29 per hour.

5️⃣ Cleaner/Guard

One of the part-time jobs that doesn’t require special skills and earns a good income is working as a cleaner or security guard. A security guard or cleaner can work in people’s homes or find a job in a company, organization, hospital, or school.

The duty of the guard is to guard the place at specified hours, and the duty of the cleaner is to clean the place he is responsible for. Since there is not much busyness in these jobs and have a good income, these are the choices of many students. The hourly wage of these jobs is about $28.

6️⃣ Pet sitter

Today, pets are an integral part of human life. Melbourne is also a busy city with a large population. If you are interested in animals and get along better with animals than people, you can become a pet sitter. The salary for this job is about $23 per hour.

Typically, a pet sitter stays at a person’s home and takes care of the pet while he or she is at work or away on vacation. Of course, in some cases, the animal sitter can take care of the pet at his home. Do not forget that this job is very responsible but can be fun.

7️⃣ Rideshare driver

If you have a car and want a job where you set your own hours, you can work as a rideshare driver. This type of job is collaborative and one works with companies like Uber.

The duty of the driver is clear and he must take his passenger from the origin to the destination. This job is suitable for people who do not like to work under someone and want to be independent to a large extent. The income of this job is about $46 per hour.

8️⃣ Cashier

Every small or big store needs a cashier. Cashiering is one of the good part-time jobs for students, and under this job title, they can work in a variety of stores or restaurants, etc. A cashier earns about $25 per hour.

The main job of a cashier is to count and collect the cost of the customer’s purchases. Of course, they should also answer customers’ questions. Customer relationship skills are very important in this job. Of course, this job may seem a bit boring.

9️⃣ Delivery driver

If you like driving and you don’t have a good relationship with people as a passenger, you can work as a delivery driver instead of a rideshare driver. This work is suitable for people who like solitude.

Mostly, delivery drivers work for restaurants and are tasked with delivering ordered food to customers. In some cases, the employer provides the vehicle, but others consider having a vehicle necessary to get the job. The hourly wage for this work is about $27.

🔟 Telemarketer

When you have good persuasive skills, you can also consider telemarketing. In this job, the marketer calls different people and explains the products or services offered by the company, and tries to convince people to invest or buy.

You have to be patient for this because a small percentage of people may buy or invest and be sure that most of the answers will be no. But this is a profitable business and you can get a commission for every product or service you sell. The salary for this job is 23$ per hour.


Part-time work can be a great help to cover some of the costs of studying and living in Australia. With its world-class universities, Melbourne has many international students looking for work.

In this article, we learned more about how to find a part-time job and then introduced the top 10 part-time jobs in this city. Univly experts are also ready to be with you if you have any questions or need help.


Can international students work in Australia?

Yes. They can work up to 40h per two weeks.

How to apply for part-time jobs in Melbourne?

You can apply for jobs online or face-to-face

How to write a good CV?

Be honest and try to write your abilities and skills clearly.

Do part-time jobs have insurance?

Yes, the employer pay for your insurance

Can I work on holidays as a student?

Yes. You are allowed to work during the holidays.

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