Part-time jobs in Australia for international students

Part-time jobs in Australia for international students

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Australia is a great country for international students and workers. You must carefully select your degree if you want to land one of Australia’s top jobs.

Under the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)Post-Study Work stream, international students may stay in the country for two to four years and choose to work or study.

But you can also work while you are a student. Australians need to recruit more workers in order to address the labor shortage; as a result, international students can make the most of their free time while studying there.

Read the following Univly essay if you want to learn where to find good jobs for international students in Australia.

International student jobs in Australia; the requirments

International students in Australia have the option of working up to 20 hours per week on a part-time basis. Part-time jobs in Australia for students are governed by the government’s rules and regulations, as well as the policies outlined in the visa.

If the rules are not followed correctly, the government has the authority to cancel students’ visas. The following are the job-related rules and restrictions under Australian student visas: The student must have a valid student visa that allows them to work in addition to studying.

The student must be enrolled in an Australian government-approved full-time study program. He or she must fulfill the requirements of the program of study in which they are enrolled.

The student must attain the minimum attendance requirement of the course and the School of study. The student will have to maintain the Overseas Student Health Cover.

What is the difference between a part-time and full-time job?

A typical definition of full-time job is between 30 and 40 hours per week, while a typical definition of part-time job is less than 30 hours per week.

Take into account the particular objectives and priorities of your business before choosing between a part-time and a full-time employee.

Because full-time employees typically receive benefits while part-time employees typically do not, it is critical to distinguish between the two.

For instance, part-time employees frequently are not eligible for employer retirement plans, employee benefits (such as health insurance), or paid time off (such as vacations or holidays).

Is it easy to get part-time job in Australia for international students?

Yes, finding a part-time job in Australia is not at all difficult for international students. In actuality, finding employment as a student in Australia is considerably simpler than in other foreign nations.

Finding a part-time job is simple, particularly in Australia. The Australian student visa will let you to work 20 hours per week. And the money you receive will be sufficient to pay for your lodging, meals, and transportation!

How much international students earn in Australia

If you are a professional pursuing higher education in Australia, you may apply for and be hired for a job that matches your skills and educational qualifications. In addition, students often get part-time jobs in sales and telemarketing, cafes, restaurants, bars, retail outlets, stores, supermarkets, motels, and hotels.

Housekeeping and administration jobs, as well as kitchens in hospitality establishments are available, as are jobs in farming and related endeavors.

There are clerical and administrative positions available in a variety of organizations, and tutoring, either at institutions or privately, is another viable option for a part-time job.

Part-time employees may be required on a regular basis by cinemas, sporting venues, take-away food stores, retail store chains, gas stations, call centers, and other industries. Students on a student visa are entitled to the minimum wage, which is $18.23 per hour, or roughly $719.20 before taxes, for working both on and off campus during their full-time studies.

Work that is formally registered as part of the course is not subject to these restrictions. In Australia, it is mandatory for all students who work part-time to file tax returns. Employers will deduct PAYG taxes, or Pay As You Go taxes, before payment, which will be deposited directly with the Australian Taxation Office, or ATO.

Students are eligible for a full tax rebate if the total amount received during a fiscal year is less than $18,200. Otherwise, any work-related expenses, such as uniforms, laptops, and travel, will be tax deductible. Filing tax returns is a simple process that can be completed on paper or through the official ATO website. Before filing income tax returns, the employer will provide a tax slip that includes the total income, superannuation, bonuses, and PAYG taxes paid.

Job opportunities for international students in Australia

Finding part-time jobs in Australia for international students is not difficult if you have good communication skills and meet the basic qualifications for a particular job profile. The most important thing to do before looking for work is to create an appropriate CV. A good CV makes a good first impression on the employer and helps you get a job interview. Because a part-time job only requires a little experience or a strong educational background, you should make sure to include your interests and extra skills on your CV. Now that you have a good CV, the next step is to look for and apply for job opportunities in Australia.

Finding a job as a student can be time-consuming due to the numerous factors that must be considered. It includes the employer’s location, work shifts, working hours, pay scale, and rules and regulations. Learn how to search for and apply for part-time jobs in Australia for Indian students using the following methods:

1️⃣ Online Portal: You can search for part-time jobs in Australia for students using online sites. Indeed aims to publish a large number of job openings on a daily basis. You can shortlist jobs that meet your criteria and apply for them. You can also contact the employer directly about any job openings.

2️⃣ Local Newspaper: You can find and apply for job openings in your local newspaper. Check the local newspaper for job openings and contact the employer for more information.

3️⃣ Reference: It is much easier to get a job through references. You can contact the university’s care team, alumni, and professors for a part-time job reference. Because you may be unfamiliar with the surroundings, it is best to seek assistance from university personnel.

4️⃣ Internal Jobs: Some part-time jobs in Australia for students are available on campus, such as assistant in the library, labs, gym area, parking lots, and cleaning. You can look for internal job openings at the university and contact the concerned department.

Best part-time jobs in Australia for international students

There are several great options to consider if you’re ready to start looking for part-time jobs for students in Australia. The list below highlights some of the highest-paying part-time jobs for students in Australia, as well as others that provide valuable transferable skills that you can apply to other jobs.

🔹 Tutor

Did you excel in a particular subject in high school, such as writing or geometry? If so, tutoring is an excellent part-time option to consider.

Working as a tutor allows you to put your skills to use by assisting others who are struggling to improve and earn better grades. Tutoring jobs are also very flexible, as you can usually set your own schedule and rates.– $32.23 per hour

🔹 Rideshare Driver

A flexible part-time job as a rideshare driver for a company like Uber, is another option for recent graduates.

As an Uber driver, you will pick up people who have requested a ride through the Uber app and drive them to their destination. This job allows you to set your own schedule and work when you want, making it ideal for students or those with other responsibilities. – $27.39 hourly

🔹 Delivery Driver

Working as a delivery driver is a good alternative to being an Uber driver if you’re looking for something similar. You could be a delivery driver for a specific restaurant, or you could work for a company like Uber Eats, picking up delivery orders from a variety of restaurants. The latter is more adaptable, but the former may provide more consistent work and pay. – $28.00 hourly

🔹 Waitress/Waiter

A wide variety of restaurants employ waiters and waitresses (from fast-casual to fine dining establishments). As a waiter or waitress, you are responsible for taking orders, bringing customers their food, and going above and beyond to ensure they have a positive dining experience. – $26.67 hourly

🔹 Administrative Aide

An administrative assistant is a great part-time job for people who want to earn a higher-than-average part-time job salary in Australia while also learning valuable organizational and time management skills.

Administrative assistants handle scheduling, directing customer calls, responding to emails and letters, and organizing files for a variety of businesses (some even work from home). – $34.67 hourly

🔹 Nanny/Babysitter

Do you adore kids? Do you want to hone your childcare skills in preparation for a preschool or elementary school teacher career? If so, a part-time job as a babysitter or nanny might be an excellent place to start.

Many babysitters and nannies can set their own hours and rates, so this job offers a lot of freedom. – The hourly rate is $25.00.

🔹 Custodian

A part-time job as a custodian is ideal for recent graduates and students. Custodians are in charge of keeping the facilities clean and sanitary at all times. They could work in a school, a healthcare clinic, or any other type of establishment.

This is a very active job that requires a lot of hard work, but it is also a good option for those who enjoy staying busy and working with their hands. – $26.23 hourly

🔹 Mail Carrier

A part-time job as a mail carrier is another active job that allows you to be on your feet all day.

Mail carriers are responsible for sorting mail and delivering it to the correct recipient on time. This job pays well and allows you to get plenty of exercises while delivering mail, making it a win-win situation for recent graduates who want to work while studying in Australia but aren’t interested in sitting behind a desk for hours on end. – $25.71 hourly

🔹 Retail Sales Associate

Retail sales associates work in retail establishments (clothing shops, food shops, specialty equipment shops, etc.). They are responsible for a variety of tasks related to providing a positive customer experience, such as arranging displays and answering questions, as well as making recommendations and ringing people up when they have completed their purchases.– $27.64 hourly

🔹 Bartender

Bartenders work in pubs, restaurants, and bars. They prepare and serve drinks to customers’ exact specifications and keep track of people’s tabs to ensure they are charged the correct amount at the night’s end.

Even for part-time bartenders, this is a fast-paced job that pays well. It also provides numerous opportunities to interact with others and improve your social skills. – The hourly rate is $28.61.

🔹 Barista

Your job as a barista is to prepare coffees, teas, and other beverages and serve them to customers as quickly as possible. You will also be in charge of keeping the coffee shop or cafe clean and organized at all times.

If you enjoy coffee or tea and want to work in a fast-paced environment, a part-time job as a barista is a good option for a recent graduate to consider. You’ll learn how to make a variety of beverages while also improving your time management, social skills, and other abilities. – $27.70 hourly

🔹 Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives typically spend a significant amount of time on the phone or at their computers responding to emails. They answer questions, handle customer complaints, and assist people in resolving problems.

If you have this part-time job, you could work in a call center or find a remote job that allows you to work from home. – $19.35 hourly

🔹 Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a great part-time job for students who are good with numbers. Many small businesses cannot afford to hire full-time accountants and therefore require part-time bookkeepers.

Some of the best paying part-time jobs for college students are bookkeeping and accounting.

A part-time bookkeeper should be able to enter data into a balance sheet and keep a streamlined record of bank deposits and other financial reports.

With your mathematical abilities, it would be advantageous if you were familiar with necessary software such as Excel, Tally, etc. Some employers will even allow you to work on weekends if you want to, which is uncommon when studying abroad. The average hourly wage is $15-20.

🔹 Promotion of a brand

This side hustle is ideal if you are an extrovert who enjoys public interaction.

One of the highest-paying part-time jobs for students is brand promotion. Being a brand promoter and ambassador will also provide an excellent learning experience if you have a college degree in marketing, sales, or a related field.

Job description: Through your appearance and communication, you will personify the brand’s image and message. Some brand promotions include the distribution of coupons, flyers, and free samples.

Required skills/materials- You must be talkative and patient. The average hourly wage is $20-25.

🔹 Virtual recruiting

A virtual recruiter acts as a go-between for an employer and a prospective employee.

One of the highest-paying part-time jobs for international students is virtual recruitment.

Virtual recruiters must screen, shortlist, evaluate, and occasionally interview potential job candidates.

Virtual recruiters are also known as “headhunters” for the work they do, which includes contacting several professionals and setting up/conducting preliminary interviews between organizations and candidates.

Job description- As a student, you will be responsible for job posting, resume screening, shortlisting candidates, and so on. In some cases, you may also need to conduct preliminary interviews and salary negotiations.

Skills/Materials required- Good communication skills and industry knowledge are required. The average hourly wage is $20-30.

🔹 The tour guide

This is another excellent part-time opportunity for extrovert students. Every city has some tourist attractions or landmarks that attract visitors of all types.

When working as a tour guide, it is critical to provide a positive customer experience by being open, communicative, and friendly. However, these jobs are seasonal and have specific visiting hours.

Job description- You will be responsible for guiding a group of people to specific locations in accordance with the tour company’s guidelines.

Required abilities/materials- Having a natural friendly demeanor and networking skills can help you land a job as a tour guide. The average hourly wage is $10-15.

🔹 Freelance writing/Editing/Proofreading

Some of the best-paying part-time work-from-home jobs are freelance writing/editing/proofreading. You will already have a strong command of the written language as an international student, which you can put to good use as a freelance writer, proofreader, or editor.

It is also one of the most adaptable and well-paying part-time jobs available to college students. You can do it at any time of day, in any location on the planet, at your leisure.

Job description- You will be required to write/edit/proofread articles, blogs, resumes, project summaries, and other similar documents where grammar and spelling are critical.

Required skills/materials- A good command of grammar and syntax is required for those working as freelance writers or editors. Salary range: $20-25 per hour, up to $50 per article

🔹 Dog walker

There are no better high-paying part-time jobs for students for dog lovers than strolling through gardens with your favorite pets.

If you can train dogs in addition to walking them, you can earn significantly more money per hour.

Many seniors and busy families rely on younger people to walk their active dog breeds.

Job description- You must transport the dogs safely to and from their homes. You should be able to tell if a dog is hungry or needs an emergency veterinary checkup during the walk.

Required abilities/materials- Petting dogs in the past may have landed you a job as a dog walker. The average hourly wage is $10-18.

🔹 Photographer

Primary responsibilities of a photographer include using photographic equipment to capture images and videos of subjects for both artistic and commercial purposes. Individuals and businesses also hire them to provide photo shoots and other media-related services. Average income: $18.38 per hour.

🔹 Research assistant

The primary responsibilities of a research assistant are to assist others in conducting research. They improve the research process by providing specific services to academics and researchers.

 Among their responsibilities are conducting literature studies, keeping track of the project budget, gathering and analyzing data, obtaining necessary resources, and holding conferences. Average income: $19.59 per hour

Concluding Remark

Looking for part-time jobs for students in Australia is a great way to earn extra money, gain valuable skills, and increase your hiring potential. Follow the tips listed above (including those geared specifically toward part-time jobs in Australia for international students), and you’ll be able to find a great job in no time.

If you’re ready to start looking for casual jobs for students or recent graduates, use Univly’s free tool today. We assist you in searching for jobs based on a variety of criteria and provide numerous resources to assist you in writing a great resume, preparing for job interviews, and more.

The experienced and dedicated team at Univly is ready to answer your questions and provide advice on studying in Australia.


Is it possible for international students to work part-time in Australia?

Yes, international students are permitted to work part-time in Australia. Several brands accept students looking for extra money to cover expenses.

What are the best part-time jobs for international students in Australia?

Tutors, drivers, waiters, and other part-time jobs in Australia are popular among international students in Sydney and other cities.

Which are the highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia for international students?

Personal trainers, stylists, and artists are all popular and well-paid part-time jobs for international students in Melbourne and other cities.

Which course is best for international students looking for part-time work in Australia?

Pursuing any diploma or certificate courses has proven to be a convenient way for international students and others to work part-time in Sydney and other cities.

Is it easy for international students to find part-time work in Australia?

Yes, finding the best part-time jobs for international students in Australia is simple because there are so many open positions.

Does part-timevariousnce count when applying for a full-time job?

In fact, many organizations prefer prepare with prior industry experience. It demonstrates your eagerness to learn. So, yes, having part-time job experience counts when applying for a full-time job.

What factors should you think about when applying for part-time jobs?

Because part-time jobs are intended for students, it is critical to consider your schedule when applying. When applying for part-time jobs, keep in mind your college schedule, assignments, and other factors.

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